Kate Poodles, Hadden Rankin

We were really impressed with what Sophie put together for us, especially considering it was such a tight timeframe. From the outset, the process was perfectly clear and her creative thinking resulted in us achieving our goal of inputting more emotion and feeling into our copy. Sophie has helped us create a language. All the copy options she submitted were well thought through, methodical and creative.

Angie Cameron, direction

In the 3 months Sophie and I worked together she was great in helping and bring together posts and blogs for us. She is approachable, enthusiastic, honest. It has been great working with her and really great to have a 'Sophie' if you want your business to grow and your potential clients to engage with you. Sophie writes with sincerity and a keen interest in wanting to give you her best.

I help social entrepreneurs and businesses that do good to increase profit and impact through better marketing.

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